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A New Era of Identity  Management, Security and Transformation

Implementation Services

Customized Application deployment, SaaS/On Premise application Integrations, SDLC for application development and Pilot programs

Managed Services

Infrastructure Administration & Monitoring, ITIL Frame work management,  custom reporting with edge tools, Vendor Management

Consulting Services

Design and Build,  Cloud/SaaS Technology Advisory, Architecture, product evaluation for enterprises

About Us

We delve into concepts that fully connect

We help our customers accelerate their adoption of Identity, API and cloud platforms by offering consulting, implementation and managed services. We delve the concept that fully connects architectures and infrastructures are “universal approximators” capable of giving maturity model and enabling transformation. We are focussed on our customers critical issues and opportunities: strategy, organization, operations, technology and transformation across all functions and locations. We bring deep, functional expertise and capture value across all funtions.

Technology and Solutions

Identity and Access Management

Implement a modern, scalable Identity and Access management solution, security-policy enforcement, reporting and monitoring apps, collaboration, lifecycle management across various platforms.

IT Mordenization

Leveraging technology to meet expanding business goals, increase agility and ability to scale and grow, digitizing and improving the customer experience to improve service levels and create a difference.

API Gateways

Authentication, Security policy enforcement, load balancing, cache management, dependency resolution and transformation with APIs for higher agility.

Cloud Transformation

Adopt efficient cloud solutions including migration of applications, software programs, desktops, data or an entire infrastructure in alignment with the business objectives of the organization.

Compliance Controls

Deliver a cohesive and efficient compliance programs, better visibility and user access control and employing systems for role mining, modeling, optimization and analytics to reduce risk.

B2B Collaborations

Enhance and Secure Business-to-Business collaboration by applying modern identity management and app integration services.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management systems leverages identification, authentication, and authorization of individuals who will utilise IT resources. We help customers to streamline user life-cycle processes, create, delete, modify user identity data either assisted or self-service and build a system that delivers personalised, role-based, online, on-demand, presence-based services to users and their devices. IAM is a key element in enabling the use of technologies and achieving business objectives, further emphasising the need for IAM to grow beyond a mere compliance
solution into a valued business tool. 

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